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Set in a 1:1 scale replica of the iconic Dover landmark Fort Burgoyne, with a reimagined 1940's setting. You play as an Axis spy who was captured after a failed mission part of the Axis Operation: Operation Lobster, whose sole purpose is to make it back home by any means necessary.

After finding yourself stuck in a cell down under the fort, you devise a plan to escape and grab some Allied inteligence on the way out.

But Remember Don't Get Caught!

  • Clues And Hidden Codes All Throughout The Game
  • Fun And Interesting Puzzles To Solve
  • AI Fort Inhabitants, Who All Have Their Own Jobs And 'Lives' That You'll Have To Work Around To Not Get Caught
  • An Hour Time Frame To Escape Before The Gaurds Switch Over
  • Motion Sickness Friendly Teleportation Movement
  • A Multitude Of Different Ways To Escape


Escape Installer.exe 310 MB

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